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"For years I’ve been trying to find someone who does amazing acrylic nails, and I have now definitely found her!! Regiane is so good at what she does, the way she takes her time and makes sure that it’s exactly what you want. I can’t fault her! She’s definitely made me fall in love with getting my nails done!"

Shannon S. via Facebook

"Have always got my hair done by Maria and she always does such a lovely job, Would never trust anyone else to do it other then her. Also I Love the nails that Regiane done for me, couldn’t ask for anyone better to do them. Defo will be coming back soon xx"

Leanne M. via Facebook
    Note: When booking an appointment with us for nails, you automatically agree to apply to our policy.

    Manicure & Pedicure

  • Shape and Polish 20mins
    Add express cuticle work £5
    £12 - Gel £15
    Brazilian Manicure
    Full cuticle work, shape, regular polish or gel polish (one colour) - allow drying time.
    £20 - Gel £25
    Gel Polish Soak-off 15mins
    Gel soak-off (when followed by any manicure) £5
  • Shape and Polish 20mins
    Add express cuticle work £5
    £13 - Gel £16
    Brazilian Pedicure
    Soaking, cuticle work, foot file, shape, moisturise, regular polish or gel polish (one colour) - allow drying time.
    £24 - Gel £28
    Spa Pedicure 80mins
    Foot/leg massage; luxury cuticle work, exfoliation further removal of dead skin, soothes and softens and hydrates your feet & nails.
    £26 - Gel £30
    Gel Polish Soak-off 15mins
    Gel soak-off (when followed by any pedicure service) £5
  • Nail Enhancements

  • Full Set Extensions
    inc. gel polish
    Full Set Sculptured
    Recommended for short nail beds. Includes gel polish.
    French Set
    Set created with powders, get your desired 'smile line'; also available in white tips.
    from £28
    Pink and White
    Also known as 'baby boomer', similar to the French Set, this is a gradient where the pink blends into the white.
    Ombre Set
    Different coloured powders, maximum of 3x including one glitter.
    from £35
    Powder (Colour) Set
    Up to 2x powders, this is not a polish set; gel polish top coat will be applied to complete the set.
    Glitter Set (1x powder) £30
    Over natural nails, this is a great option if you're looking to stenghten your nails with the acrylic, without the extensions.
    from £18
    Note that any long full set of acrylics will take more time and patience; a surcharge of £3 will occur.
  • Acrylic Infill
    up to 3.5 weeks. Includes one free repair and gel polish.
    Acrylic Infill & Re-design
    Up to 4 weeks. If you previously had an ombre, french, glitter or bespoke set, this is the option for you as more work will be needed in order to change the design. Note that if you desire to keep previous colour/design, you may choose our regular infill option.
    Over 4 weeks. Includes gel polish and one free repair. You may choose this option after having several infills (before having a new set), or if you had a set on over 3.5/4 weeks; as the 'apex' will grow with the nail, causing the nails to become weaker due to the structure of the nail requiring to be put back on.
    Surcharge if changing shape on nail enhancements as it requires more time.
    per nail
    from £3
    Single Nail Extension £3
    Soak-Off & Polish 60mins £15
    Soak-Off & Gel Polish 50mins £20
    Soak-Off Only 45mins £10
    Soak-Off & New Set 25mins £6
    Note that there will be a surcharge of £4 on removing acrylic nails that were not done by us; this is due to different products being used that may take longer than our system.

  • Nail Art & Extras

  • French £4.00 - Gel £4.80
    Pigment Powder Over Gel Polish Only £5
    Marble £8
    3D roses, bows... from £1.50 each
    Ombre per nail Polish £1 - Gel £1.20
    Stamp per nail £0.20
    Water Decal per nail £0.30
    Swarovski Crystals 1-3 £1.50
    Swarovski Crystals 4-6 £3
    Swarovski Crystals T/S Shape £4.50
    Swarovski Crystals Full Nail from £5
    Rhinestones each £0.20

  • Cheap nail bars are everywhere.
    Make an informed choice based on quality, not price!

    What is MMA Acrylic?
    MMA Acrylic (Methyl MethAcrylate) is a liquid monomer USED IN DENTAL INDUSTRY to make false teeth/veneers. It's used by cheap budget nail bars in the application of acrylic nail enhancements. It is NOT designed and safe to use in the nail industry.

    What does it cause?
    This acrylic product is illegal when being used on nails, it can cause permanent loss and damage of the natural nail, as well as numbness in the fingers. After prolonged usage, this dangerous chemical deemed poisonous by the FDA can cause miscarriages, lesions on the kidneys, liver problems and respiratory problems.

    Why is it used?
    Plain and simple. Because its CHEAP; it costs 1/4 of the price of the safe alternative used here, EMA.

    Signs a nail bar is using MMA...
    • Unusually strong odour (strong, sharp and fruity). The nail technician will often wear a mask to prevent inhalation
    • Milky or cloudy appearance
    • Practically impossible to soak off. They will usually have to pick or drill it off. Can take hours to safely remove
    • Technician will always use a NAIL DRILL as the product has poor adhesion to the natural nail, so the nail must be excessively filed for better adhesion
    • Cheap
    • Technician refuses to discuss products with you
    • Use products from unlabelled containers.

  • We usually offer a 48 hours guarantee over your extensions, if anything occurs within that time, please contact us as soon as it happens and we will repair them for free (we do not offer refund on nails) - if anything happens over that time, we can no longer take responsibility, so please book in for a repair.

    • We recommend having having an infill every 2 weeks (maximum 3) - note that the longer you leave it, the weaker it will get as the apex will move downwards overtime.
    • Never use your nail extensions as tools, treat them the way you would your natural nails.
    • Do not bite, pick at or file your extensions
    • Wear gloves when washing up or using household detergents
    • If lifting can be seen please call us as water and dirt can get under it and cause an infection
    • If any adverse reactions occurs: rash, redness, inflammation of any kind around the nails please contact us immediately
    • Do not try to remove them as this can cause untold damage to your natural nails. Please contact us where we can remove them properly.
    • Tinted lotions, suntan creams and hair products can discolour your extensions so wash your hands thoroughly after use or use gloves to protect them.
    • Please use cuticle oil everyday to keep your nails looking good and to nourish the natural nail underneath - pre-order in salon.
    • Do not miss your regular maintenance appointments to ensure your nails stay looking at their best.

  • Is there a minimum age to get acrylic nails or gel nails?
    It is down to preference, you may find some salons will accept it but due to safety and insurance, we cannot offer nail extensions on people under the age of 15. Note that people under 16, will also require a parent/guardian to sign the consultation form as well as the client.

    Does acrylic nails ruin your nails?
    No. The only thing that will ruin your nails is who will be doing them, what they use and how you look after them.

    Can I sit and wait to get my nails done?
    Yes, depending if there are slots available after the current customer.

    I want nail art, can I just show you a design on the day?
    Yes and no. The reason why is that we need notice in order to allocate the right time for your appointment, so you're not delaying others and not getting the time you need for your nails. We cannot guarantee to add any nail art on the appointment day without notice, so please let us know in advance to avoid disappointment. Please also note that some nail designs will require different products, so it might be that we don't have it in stock.

    Can I get more than one colour added onto my nails?
    Yes, however our prices now only includes one gel or acrylic colour. Any extra colours will occur in a surcharge of £0.20/nail due to product costs.

    I have booked for manicure/pedicure/shape and polish, but I still have gel polish on, do I need to add an extra appointment?
    Yes, removing gels or acrylic will result in extra time and it may interfere with your treatment or others, if booked uncorectly.

    I have booked an appointment, but not sure if it's right.
    If you have opted to use our online booking system, you must ensure that you book in for the correct services as it could result in not being able to carry out your treatment at the time of the appointment. We highly advise that if in doubt, please call the salon or message us so we can do it for you and add any extra services/time as needed.

  • It's a more intense manicure/pedicure. After soaking hands/feet and exfoliating, we remove the cuticles to make the surface of the nail completely flat. Then, instead of applying polish only to the nail, we also paint the surrounding skin to ensure that the polish coats the edge of the nail bed to make the manicure last longer. We wrap cotton dipped in nail-polish remover around a wood stick and wipe away the excess polish on the cuticle area.

    Since Brazilian manicures and pedicures focus on the cuticles, we use special clippers that come direct from Brazil. (source)

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